Graphic Design That Ignites a Conversation 

Welcome to my world of creative exploration, where every pixel tells a story. As a passionate and methodical graphic designer, I craft every design with unwavering intentionality.  With a deep love for innovation and a commitment to excellence, I take pride in guarding your brand’s brilliance in all our collaborative designs.

Creative Possibilities

I know storytelling is often more than a logo, so trust my 20 years of experience with all your designs, such as:

  • Logos 
  • Brochures & sales pieces 
  • Social media graphics
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters (digital and print)
  • Books (digital and print)
  • Advertisements
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Product packaging
  • Magazine

Designs That Tell a Story


Your graphic design should echo your unique narrative. Crafted creatively, it aligns perfectly with your brand’s distinct identity, spotlighting the exceptional details that set your business apart, ensuring it’s genuinely remarkable. Don’t blend in—be distinctly you!


Purposeful graphic design is no accident. It’s a deliberate strategy meticulously tailored to your objectives. I craft designs with intent, building a solid foundation to vividly narrate your unique story and excel in achieving your marketing goals.


Make a bold statement with a design that lingers in memory! A striking design leaves a lasting impression, ensuring your brand remains memorable and exudes professionalism. I thrive in creating unforgettable designs. 

Connection Coffee

Let’s tell your story with bold, unique and intentional designs.  Contact me today!

The Design Process


Together, we explore your vision for the design and its components. We delve into the story you wish to convey, the emotions to evoke, and the goals to achieve. This step typically entails one to two discussions to ensure we begin on the right track.


I put our planning and ideas into action, crafting design pieces that bring our concept to life. I aim to create a comprehensive branded experience, incorporating impactful content, striking images, and thoughtfully designed elements that resonate with your audience.


Through collaborative efforts and feedback, design concepts are meticulously refined. This phase may involve a few discussions and proof iterations before arriving at the ultimate design choice.


We’ve journeyed together to the finish line! Your design is now a source of pride, ready to be unveiled. After your final approval, I’ll provide you with print and web-friendly files, empowering you to launch your design confidently.