How To KILL Your Brand

How to Kill Your Brand
I recently noticed a stunningly branded vehicle for a local service company.

Their logo was vibrant, clean and well situated on the vehicle. Their contact info was clear and readable and I knew within 2 seconds exactly what services they offered. *High FIVE!*

When I got home I looked them up and fell in love with their overall visual branding. I was impressed with how consistent all their communication was designed – very clear and striking across all social platforms and their website.

Finally, I visited their Twitter page intending to congratulate them. Once again, really consistent and recognizable branding, and in their description they state “we take great pride in our customer service”.

Enter The Lion About to Make His KILL!

I began reading their Twitter feed and noticed that several very irate comments from customers!
Complaints included:

  • online payment software malfunctions
  • scheduled service calls being no-shows
  • emergency calls being told to wait in line [YIKES!]
  • customer care follow ups being ignored

62.5% negative customer feedback in just the top 8 tweets I read…OUCH!

Although it seemed that their Twitter account manager did a good job addressing each issue and more than willing to help or make things right, it was certainly apparent that the service department has been failing miserably at holding up their responsibility to the brand.

Remember: Your Customers FUEL Your BRAND

You can have a stunning and professional visual brand, but unless you support your brand with good business practices you could ultimately hurt or even KILL your brand!

Having kick-butt visual branding is just ONE contributing factor to a brand’s success.
You must SERVE your customers well! Designate your Brand Champions to handle specific customer-related issues.

Your brand is the personality or ‘voice’ of your business and is made up of two key elements:

  • Your customers’ perception of your company
  • Your customers’ experience with your company

Watching any brand fail is tragic, especially when they have invested a significant amount of time and money into their branding.


  • Treat your customers well; provide quality service and products.
  • Ensure you have competent people taking care of your customers.



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