Logo Design: You Get What You Pay For

In The Beginning…

Business owners who are just starting out find the cost of professional branding overwhelming when paired with other costs involved in setting up a new business. This is completely understandable.

But here’s the thing…

When you spend less for a logo you typically get less, in other words, you get what you pay for.

For example:

  • It is very likely that ‘economy-priced’ designers fail to ask the important questions necessary to shape your brand vision and style. This is probably the biggest mistake is any company’s branding journey.
  • You may only receive a JPEG file that likely won’t scale properly for signage or other large-scale print needs. Then when you need specific files in the future you’ll be stuck, or worse, the designer you originally hired has vanished and you are forced to start over!
  • You are at the mercy of a designer who may lack the skill level and/or knowledge to illustrate your vision to your satisfaction.
  • If you purchase a stock logo, you run the risk of countless other business owners using the same image to represent their brand. This puts you at a huge disadvantage if you want to make your mark as a serious business.

Reflection time:

If your logo has not been custom-designed to both reflect your business personality AND to appeal to your ideal customer, you may be missing the mark when trying to attract your target market! This is not starting out on the right foot, is it?

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Evolution & Transition

At some point in the first few years of business, there is a shift in business goals and marketing strategies. This is a natural evolution of business and typically an ideal time for transition.

Your business is gaining traction and you are starting to realize it’s time to ramp your marketing up and revamp your brand.

This tends to be when most business owners seek out a professional graphic designer to improve their brand image.

When you work with a professional to design a logo for your business, you get what you pay for and with a professional, you receive much more value!

For example, when you hire my Branding services you receive the following:

  • personal care and attention to detail, with an emphasis on the Brand Discovery stage
  • the designer’s creative time, expert-level techniques, extensive branding knowledge and experience
  • a customized mood board that illustrates the overall look and feel of your brand, including style of photography and colour palette
  • a custom logo designed to (A) reflect your unique business qualities and (B) speak to your ideal customer/target audience
  • a Final Logo Package containing a collection of print, web and vector logo files
  • a Logo Reference Guide or Brand Style Guide

I believe your small business has something awesome to offer. It is important to design a custom logo that you may proudly use over the long term that is simple, timeless, scalable, and reflective of your unique brand personality while also speaking to the people you want to buy from you.

Connect with me today and let’s create a brand that SHINES!

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