You have a new logo. Now What?

Once a logo design has been approved and finalized, I provide clients with a Logo Reference Guide – a document which showcases all iterations of their new logo, the colour palette with colour code specs and a typography outline.

  • The sole purpose of your Logo Reference Guide is simply to help you maintain the integrity and consistency of your new branding.
  • I recommend that this document be shared with anyone who touches your brand assets. All users should maintain the same fonts, colour code specifications and logos as they are shown and have been provided.

The Logo Reference Guide I provide is a bare-bones version of a more complex tool known as the Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines (aka Brand Book or Brand Style Guide) provides a more in-depth look at your brand’s tone of voice, photography style, clear spacing rules, examples of how NOT to use your logo and so on.

Should you require a detailed document to help maintain your brand’s integrity as you grow your business, I am happy to work with you to develop it.

In the meantime, it’s recommended that you utilize your Logo Reference Guide to maintain the integrity of your new brand.

Logo Reference Guide - Brand Style Guide


  1. This was a very helpful reminder to WHY it’s so important to have a clear branding. It’s one of those things that many will be tempted to cut corners or think they don’t need it on hand, but like you mentioned… for anyone that touches your brand it’s crucial to share. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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