Transform Your ‘Old’ Content into Powerful Marketing Tools

What can you do with old or stale content?

I’ve had conversations with many business owners who feel as though some of their blog content has become stale or ‘too old’ to share on social media.

I am here to tell you that this may not be the case! Your content is valuable.

Thoughts on how to put a shiny coat on your so-called ‘old’ content that can improve your brand’s ‘clout’ or influence among your audience:

  • What if you took some time to gather some of that ‘old’ content, freshen it up with some new insights and transform it into an e-book that you can market as a new offering?
  • How about creating a new opt-in to revive your email list? Simply look at previous newsletters or blog posts that cover similar topics, put some effort into composing a seamless resource that provides added value for your subscribers.

Custom branded e-book for Leadership Matters

Custom branded email opt-in for The Compassionate Mind

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why not monetize it? Even at a low price-point, your newly repurposed content can be marketed as a value-packed resource providing you with residual income.

So the next time you audit your blog, pay attention to the content and brainstorm ways to transform it into powerful marketing tools! Doing this will help you strengthen your position as an expert in your field and build brand trust among your audience.

Of course if you need help making it look professional and align with your brand image… connect with me and we’ll make it SHINE!

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