Why are Vector Logo Files Important?

My logo packages typically come complete with a set of web, print and vector file formats to ensure that clients have complete freedom to use their logo for any application and any size for as long as they maintain their brand.

I have worked with many clients over the years who sadly were not provided vector files from their previous designers and this can be very problematic.

Why are vector logo files important?

When you think of all the places you could potentially showcase your brand, the main attribute your logo should have is scalability.
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Vector files can be scaled and printed at any size without losing quality, and typically come in PDF or EPS file format. Vector logo files are of the utmost importance, especially for print marketing materials.

Raster images’ (typically JPG, PNG or TIF files) dimensions are measured in pixels and are resolution dependant. This means that raster images cannot be enlarged without losing quality.

Let’s say you have a raster or pixel-based image (JPG, PNG or TIF) that is 3” wide. Even at print resolution you are limited scale that file to a maximum of 3” wide. If you enlarge it further you will start seeing what is called pixelation caused by low resolution. This is very troublesome, and limits how you could use your logo when marketing your awesome biz!

My advice is that when you work with a Graphic Designer, I strongly urge you to acquire the vector files with your final logo package. It will save you from many future headaches and additional costs.

Are you missing vector files?

If you find you are missing vector logo files, I am here to help!

I suggest first connecting with the designer who created your logo and request the vector logo files. If for whatever reason you are unable to connect with them, I can help!

For a small investment, I will digitally trace and redraw your logo to create a vector file. I will also provide you with a proper Logo Reference Guide so that you have all of your basic branding elements together on one reference sheet.

Feel free to email me and let’s chat about your needs.

As always I am here to be your personal Brand Ambassador 🙂

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